Helping families navigate recovery


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Is your loved one's addicti​on and/or 

mental health issues​ getting to you?

Beth Gross, Certified Family Recovery Life Coach, will be your whisperer during ​crisis moments

Beth will walk with you through the roller coaster journey of being a parent, spouse, adult child or family member of a loved one who suffers from substance use or a mental health disorder.  As a Certified Family Recovery Life Coach, Beth will help you get calm, learn to speak in a neutral and loving way to your loved one, teach you how to use motivational interviewing techniques when speaking to your loved one,  help you set boundaries that you're comfortable with, encourage you to create a habit of self care, and help you build a network of support.

What our clients are saying

Beth has coached me and my husband for over a year working towards the recovery of

our two daughters. Her compassion, knowledge, specialized training and personal

experience have guided us through much pain and crisis. Through the process of

working with Beth, we have found healing for ourselves along the way.


What our clients are saying

I can't thank you enough for the time you took to coach me through this last episode with my son.  I felt like I was living under a rock (denial maybe?) and your coaching helped me start seeing things for how bad they really were.  It helped me help my son get into treatment,  and slowly but surely get to a better place.


Get your peace and your life back!

Call Beth for a complimentary coaching session at 815-814-2104

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